Ubiquiti Edgerouter Poe-5-Port Router with Poe

Ubiquiti Edgerouter Poe-5-Port Router with Poe

The Ubiquiti EdgeMAX EdgeRouter (ERPoe-5) is a 5-Port PoE Router powered by the feature-rich EdgeOS, making it a versatile solution for any network. Combining one million packet-per-second routing, the EdgeRouter ERPoE-5 offers high-performance, hardware-based switching and PoE capabilities in an affordable and compact 5-port device.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE 5-Port (ERPoe-5) Key Features

  • Performance – 1 million pps
  • Gigabit RJ45 Ports – 5
  • PoE – 24V/48V Passive PoE
  • 3 Gbps for packets 512 bytes or larger in size
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports that support 24V or 48V PoE output with software-selectable voltage control
  • Hardware-accelerated routing (Layer-3 base forwarding): 1,000,000 pps for 64-byte packets
  • Built-in hardware switch allows line-rate layer-2 switching

Powerful Routing Performance
The EdgeRouter PoE 5-port routes up to 1 million packets per second to meet the needs of carrier-class networks.