Ubiquiti AirGateway Long Range



UBIQUITI AirGateway LonG Range mini AP/Router, 150Mbps, 1x LAN, 1xPOE, 2,4GHz, 802.11b/g/n, External 5dBi Antenna


The Ubiquiti airGateway LR is enables users to extend airMAX CPE deployments with indoor Wi-Fi. The airGateway-LR has an interlocking design and PoE passthrough, making it an ideal option for Ubiquiti airMAX users.

The Ubiquiti airGateway LR is has compact form factor. The airGateway-LR connects indoor client devices and powers the outdoor CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) simultaneously.

Ubiquiti airGateway-LR Key Features:
Acts as an indoor wireless device connecting multiple wireless clients
Connects to a switch to support wired clients
Powers the airMAX CPE on the roof

To meet the needs of your network, the airGateway can operate as a router, a small / home business router or bridge. The Ubiquiti airGateway-LR can also support access point mode to function as the centre of your wireless network or station mode to extend your network.


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