Ubiquiti Air Max 19dBi 5GHz Sector Antenna


Ubiquiti Air Max 19dBi 5GHz Sector Antenna


Ubiquiti Air Max 5GHz Sector Antenna, Dual Polarization, MIMO, 19dBi, 120 degrees beamwidth, recommended for Ubiquiti Rocket M Platform.


Patent-pending next-generation technology achieves gain, cross-pol isolation, and beamshaping characteristics rivaling the highest quality cellular carrier basestation antennas in the world. Instantly pair with Rocket M5 to create a powerful AirMax 2×2 MIMO PtMP BaseStation. Rocket mount and weatherproof RF jumpers included.
Rocket M and AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas have been designed to seamlessly work together. Installing Rocket M on AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas requires no special tools, you simply snap it into place with the mount provided with the Antennas.


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