MIKROTIK Cloud Router Switch 112-8G-4S-IN


MIKROTIK Cloud Router Switch 112-8G-4S-IN


Cloud Router Switch 112-8G-4S-IN with QCA8511-AL1C 400Mhz cpu, 128MB RAM, 8xGigabit LAN, 4xSFP, RouterOS L5, LCD panel, desktop case, POE in


Cloud Router Switch 112-8G-4S-IN is a “small size low cost” member of our CRS series. It comes with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and four SFP cages.
Our CRS series combines the best features of a fully functional router and a Layer 3 switch, is powered by the familiar RouterOS.
All the specific Switch configuration options are available in a special Switch menu, but if you want, ports can be removed from the switch configuration, and used for routing purposes.


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